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Welcome to Tin Stuf® Canning Factory
Internationally, there’s a growing demand for more sustainable sources of protein and in a world emerging from the effects of the Covid19 pandemic, the demand for protein products at a lower price has grown. We are positioned to assume the sustainability mantle both on supply and price.
About Us

At Tin Stuf, we aim to develop a new brand of cost effective, long-life ambient, and nutritious canned meat products that are sourced from sustainable local supplies.

Our flagship product line - 400g canned chicken feet & necks in broth - has recently been listed with Africa's largest retailer - Shoprite Holdings.

Innovation is at the forefront of our vision, as we seek to manufacture a diverse range of canned products from chicken broth, chicken stock, chicken curry, chicken livers, sheep intestines, beef lips, tripe, chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, and others. 

We add value to these otherwise frowned upon and sometimes discarded cuts of meat (protein) to a market that already consumes them in enormous volumes. These are usually only available in their frozen form and we aim to eliminate the need for access to freezing facilities, electricity and to provide the end consumer with a convenient meal that's already intrinsically enjoyed by millions of people across the world.

Now being called a super food, chicken feet are healthy and contain high levels of vitamins and essential minerals.

Tin Stuf products are now available for sale from several Shoprite & Shoprite Hyper outlets, across the Eastern & Western Cape Provices!
Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Ltd | Tin Stuf®
Tin Stuf® Canning Factory gets Shoprite Food Safety Certificate
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