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Canned chicken feet cross South Africa’s borders – Cape Talk
Lester Kiewit spoke to Ditsie Moagi, the sales executive at Tin Stuf about a chicken feet canning company breaking continental waters.
Chicken feet canning inspired by delicious childhood meals – Sowetan Live
Growing up in rural Limpopo with tasty chicken feet and necks as one of his most loved meals inspired entrepreneur Eiren Drake to can the widely enjoyed traditional dish for all South Africans to enjoy.
Local entrepreneur produces the world’s first tinned chicken feet – Jacaranda FM
Eiren Drake, an entrepreneur from Limpopo, is the first to produce tinned chicken feet and necks.
Deal to stock retail giant with canned chicken feet – The Star
Despite the tragedy of losing his co-founder, grandfather and mentor, a 26-year-old entrepreneur has landed a deal to supply canned chicken feet and necks to Shoprite.
Walking the talk: Limpopo man puts ‘walkie-talkies’ on shop shelves – TimesLIVE
Everyone has heard of tinned vegetables, tinned fish, tinned samp & beans and even canned beef, but a Limpopo entrepreneur has introduced something totally new to the market — canned 'walkie-talkies': chicken feet and necks.
The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews Eiren Drake, co-founder of Tin Stuf.
Eiren Drake, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Limpopo, started canning chicken feet and necks during the hard lockdown.

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