The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews Eiren Drake, co-founder of Tin Stuf.

By Radio 702

Eiren Drake, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Limpopo, started canning chicken feet and necks during the hard lockdown.

Last month, Shoprite approached Drake to exclusively supply them for three years.

Tin Stuf puts about six feet and three necks in each can that comes in “original” and “curry” flavour.

Drake employs 35 people but sees that number doubling if demand for his product grows.

It is the first time that chicken feet and necks are being put into cans… It is one of my favourite dishes to eat… There is a huge need in South Africa for access to affordable, long-life protein… We launched our product in early 2020…
- Eiren Drake, Co-founder - Tin Stuf
What better way than to bring an already widely loved and consumed product to the shelves of the country’s biggest retailer… Shoprite has given us access to market… and to grow our business… We can produce 300 000 to 600 000 units per month…
- Eiren Drake, Co-founder - Tin Stuf