By Cape Talk

The canned version of the South African favourite chicken feet or ‘walkie-talkies’ is flying off African retailer shelves.

Lester Kiewit spoke to Ditsie Moagi, the sales executive at Tin Stuf about a chicken feet canning company breaking continental waters. .

The Limpopo-based company - founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown - recently signed a three-year contract to supply giant retailer Shoprite with canned chicken feet.

Moagi said the company had been receiving a lot of interest from southern African countries.

We are basically putting out about 300,000 cans a month and most of it is going through to Shoprite stores and some of it is going through to Botswana in large quantities.
- Ditsie Moagi, Sales Executive - Tin Stuf

Botswana, he said, was the biggest buyer. He added that there was also a high demand for the product from Namibia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. The company distributed approximately 300,000 cans a month

The product caters to people who are curious to taste chicken feet straight out of the can as opposed to how they are normally prepared.

Most of our customers were people who were curious to taste the product when it comes from a can… Chicken feet have always been part of a lot of people’s daily meals, mostly consumers that go for the lower end of proteins in terms of pricing.
- Ditsie Moagi, Sales Executive - Tin Stuf