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Halaal Approved
75 years of excellence! - The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust is the first and oldest Halaal Regulatory Body in the world!

Established in 1945, the MJCHT has become well-known and recognised in the following country's - Malaysia (JAKIM), Singapore (MUIS), Indonesia (MUI), Thailand, Egypt, Arab United Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Pakistan and India.

Our factory and products, are fully Halaal certified and approved. Our processes are monitored and audited by an on-site representative of the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust at all times.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa
Our canned products are approved as part of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Healthy Eating Plan.

For more information on HSFSA visit their website: